Monday, December 11, 2006

Today Is What Date???

How did it get to be December 11th, with Chanukah beginning at the end of the week, and Christmas only two weeks from today??? It seems like only yesterday Chuck and I were running errands and then - Crash! - oh - never mind. I think I know where the time has gone! So I need to gear up and get back to that Seasonal To Do List we had been making such good progress on.
I have no idea how my Mom used to do it. She worked full-time outside the home, did all the Christmas shopping (except for Dad’s “special gifts”!), baked dozens of all kinds of different cookies, wrote the Christmas cards and made both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners. Dad did much of the decorating, and as I grew older, I took on more of the gift wrapping (even my own gifts from Dad and Mom!). And of course all three of us girls helped with shopping, cookies, decorating and cleaning (one task less cheerfully than the others), but it was Mom putting in the overtime - in overdrive!
So in the spirit of Holidays Past, I need a little jolt. That means Barenaked Ladies' album “Barenaked For The Holidays”. (If you don’t use the link, be careful how you search for it!) This album ranges from sweet and poignant to frenetic verging on the hysterical. In addition to the Christmas carols, it has a few Chanukah songs as well.
:: P.S. Special thanks to our friends Tom and Gale (along with Adie and Don) whose Christmas card’s arrival caused us to look up from our insurance paperwork and check out a calendar! Miss you guys! :: More later.

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