Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Indulgence? Nay! Necessity!

How could I have gotten to my 26th Post without mentioning Scharffen Berger chocolate? Well, I didn’t mention air, or breathing in, and breathing out much either...

Scharffen Berger Chocolate is deliciously complex. If you take a sip of wine and then cast about for just the right adjective to describe the taste and the experience, then Scharffen Berger is right up your alley. While everything in their line is delectable, my personal favorite is the Cacao Nibs. They take the perfectly roasted beans and crack them into little crunchy bits. If the only chocolate you like is super creamy milk chocolate, this may be at the wrong end of the spectrum for you. But do consider adding some to other chocolate. The crackling, intense bursts, only make the other flavors richer.

You can purchase Scharffen Berger direct from their own site, and many other on-line locations. But much of their product line can be found in Whole Foods Markets as well.

I am confident, that in the near future, the FDA, in a brilliant flash of insight and inspiration, will declare Scharffen Berger chocolate to be its own food group and will build a new foundation beneath the food pyramid made entirely of Cacao Nibs! Enjoy!

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