Wednesday, December 6, 2006

The Beat Goes On

We are continuing to deal with the paperwork, phone calls and financial facts of our November 30th crash. The best news remains that no one was hurt. The next best is that it looks as if everything that was supposed to collapse or crumple on impact did just that. We returned the Subaru Forester after the overnight rental from the dealership. We test drove one five years ago before we bought the Outback. The Forester’s ride and creature comforts have definitely improved in the intervening years. We now have a longer term, agency rental under us: a Chevy Malibu. As you can see from the photo, it’s very nice, but we still miss our Subaru. Thanks to everyone for your concern and good wishes. Remember, “Buckle Up For Safety”!
It’s pretty nippy around here again today. In the 20s outside and I won’t tell you how low we keep the heat set indoors. Let’s just say that we have reached the point in the season where layers are de rigueur! So in order to get a bit of a jump start this morning the iPod has Sugarland’s “Twice The Speed of Life” coursing through it’s digital self. I tend to enjoy country music seasonally - usually in summer. However, Sugarland’s freshman album is terrific anytime. I haven’t bought their new CD yet, but I am hoping that by going from a trio down to a duo, they haven’t lost anything vital from their sound or their lyrics. Fingers crossed.

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