Friday, December 15, 2006

Preparing For The First Night

Potatoes? Check.
Onions? Check
Oil? Check.
Eggs? Check.
Salt, applesauce, sour cream? Check, check, check.
Candles? Check.
Chanukiah (Menorah) shined and ready? Check.

Tonight it will be the Chanukah candles we light first, before the Shabbat candles. We will read from “Haneirot Halalu - These Lights are Holy” (by Frishman & Baskin) and we will sing. Everything from the traditional “Rock of Ages” to The Short Sisters’ “My Candles” from their album “A Planet Dancing Slow”.

The Latkes will be just as good as when I used to hand grate the potatoes into the ice water, then drain the water and harvest the potato starch. Thank goodness for the twenty year old Cuisinart, and having lived long enough to let go a little.

Chuck and I wish everyone a happy, healthy, peaceful Chanukah! And Shabbat Shalom!

P.S. For an abundance of information on Chanukah and all things Jewish check out this link.

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