Thursday, December 28, 2006


My sister Gail told Chuck (Wonder Hubby/Hero/BFF) that he came off like a saint in this, my Blog. Well, clearly my communication skills are up to speed and I’m getting my point across! While I’m not sure Chuck will ever be canonized - I mean c’mon, even Blessed Pope John XXIII hasn’t made it past the beatification stage!!! - he is most definitely The Bee’s Knees!

Think me hyperbolic? I have lots of proof. Not the least of which was evidenced today when Chuck donated blood at the American Red Cross. Over the years, he has donated literally gallons of his B Positive blood. (Don’t you love that he is “B Positive”? I don’t know what my blood type is, but compared to Chuck, it has to be "Some-Letter Negative".) Anyhoo... lately he has been donating “Double Red” which means he can only donate every four months versus every two for a typical donation. I know that people all around the world donate blood every day, but I remain impressed by Chuck’s multi-decade commitment to donating. So if you want to follow in Chuck’s footsteps and be a hero, click on the this link to find out when and where you can donate!

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