Saturday, December 30, 2006

Revels 2006

The snow began early this morning. By late afternoon we had very little accumulation, just enough to cover everything lightly. Unfortunately the back roads became quite slippery. Driving the couple of miles to the center of town in the rented Malibu felt like more of adventure than I needed or wanted - especially because the accident happened a month ago today. It was also strange, after five years of relying on “all wheel drive”, to be in a “regular” vehicle. My anxiety level was no doubt extra high after a close call we had late last night. We were merging into traffic via an on ramp and had needed to slow to almost a full stop. Suddenly a car came up the ramp behind us, veered to the right, and nearly sideswiped our car as they passed us and raced directly into the highway traffic! I don’t know if they had been celebrating the new year too exuberantly, too early or if they were too young and inexperienced to feel the need for caution, but they left us shaken.

The automotive scare notwithstanding, we enjoyed a wonderful evening together last night. We drove in to Harvard’s Memorial Hall, in Cambridge for The Christmas Revels. We attend almost every year and when we aren’t able to, we feel as if an important holiday ritual has been missed. This year’s theme was based in Germany and Switzerland. This production was not their absolute best, but was definitely near the top. As he has in recent years, David Coffin served as host, glue and choral director. At the end of the first act he led the audience from Sander’s Theater, out into the cathedralesque lobby of Memorial Hall while everyone danced to and sang “The Lord of the Dance”. Every year, huge numbers of audience members hold hands and weave in ever tightening concentric long ovals. As the lobby becomes almost too full for anyone to move, the song is sung for the last time. We all come to a stop, raise our hands to clap and cheer, as the final notes from the horns in the balcony drift down onto us. This year, Chuck and I were just a couple of people behind Coffin and therefore finished in the heart of the crowd! Despite such a spectacular end to the first act, the second managed to hold its own and was filled with singing by both the cast and the spectators. The final cry of “Welcome Yule” rattled the rafters with more than a thousand strong voices. There is always a spring in our steps as Revels ends and we spill out into the frigid winter air. Last night was no exception!

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b/sistersshoes said...

Pink ~*~

Special friend, sweet encourager...thank you, thank you so very much for every single one of the hopeful words that you have given to me. I could not do this without you.

Hugs a too :)