Saturday, December 2, 2006

Calgon, Take Me Away

Friday was a long day. Lots of phone calls to insurance companies, rent-a-car agencies, auto repair... Throughout the day, sitting crosslegged on the bed, with papers and policies and Post It Notes stuck everywhere, moving the phone from ear to ear, while voice mail music played, I let myself think of this place. This photo was taken at the end of a very different kind of long day, one autumn in Acadia. Across the meadow is Jordan Pond, and The Bubbles. Chuck is sitting in one of the Adirondack chairs just outside Jordan Pond House. I can smell the wood smoke from their chimneys, feel the nip in the fall air. I wanted to magically teleport myself into the empty chair next to Chuck. I also wanted our sturdy, reliable Subaru to be waiting safely in the parking lot- with our License Plate list resting on the dashboard!
Happily, every single person I spoke with on the phone today was very nice! But I must admit, today I felt a little peeved with the gal who drove into our car, and was able to then drive away. I do remember having to call my parents (on more than one occasion!) after an accident when I was about her age. The worst was after Mom and Dad had the '68 baby blue Chevelle completely redone - bodywork plus new paint job - and I had to make one of those heart in my throat phone calls: "Hi Mom! Is Dad around? No everything's fine. I just want to talk to Dad!" Gulp! I can still see my Dad standing in a sea of flashing red and blue lights, in the middle of a group of exceptionally tall state troopers and local police officers from two different towns. Dad looked around, assessed the situation and quietly took charge by suggesting we all get out of the middle of four lanes of traffic. It's a miracle I'm still alive. No - not from the accident - that my parents let me live another day! But they did and hopefully the college student's parents from yesterday's adventure will let her live another day as well!
I’m weary, still grateful and after remembering back all those years, a little less peeved.

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