Tuesday, December 5, 2006


Perhaps the word snow followed by an exclamation point is a bit of a stretch for the flurries and snow squalls we experienced today, but it did stick to the ground so “Snow!” it is! Here’s a photo from our back walk. I must admit that while it was neat to see the big fat flakes swirling in the air and the dusting clinging to the already cold ground, my thoughts did fly to the worst of winters past. But since it’s only December in southern New England, we hopefully have a few more weeks before winter officially begins and we are plunged into what this other photo captured Chuck dealing with last year. And this wasn't even a really big storm!
Music playing around here today is The Chieftains, "The Bells of Dublin". It’s a great holiday album with everyone from Elvis Costello to Burgess Meredith(!) performing with them. The bells, as in "The Bells of..." are truly spectacular. Enjoy and be well.

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