Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Welcome Home

I swear we didn’t plan it.
It just worked out perfectly.

We’re home, safe and sound and tired. The luggage is mostly unpacked. The laundry marathon has begun. (Isn’t that how this whole trip started?) jetBlue did just as good a job on the return flight to Boston as it did on the flight to Seattle. But red eye flights, even non-stop ones, truly suck pond water! The drive from Logan Airport to our home yesterday was long and challenging. A nap recharged our batteries sufficient to drive the next leg to the kennel. The cats are home and after some initial zaniness, acting normally - well, normal for them!

But the perfect timing I’m referring to is that this afternoon was the Boston Red Sox Ring Ceremony and Home Opener at Fenway Park - and we were home to watch it all on NESN. It was just dumb luck. If it had been yesterday, we would have been too exhausted to keep our eyes open through the spectacle and the 5 - 0 win. Today, however, we were rested just enough to enjoy it all. It was wonderful. Once again the Red Sox owners and management struck the right balance of fun and sentiment and history. Inviting Bill Buckner to throw out the ceremonial first pitch is an excellent example of how these folks think. So good, so good, so good...

BTW, I have photos from an afternoon cruise on the lakes of Seattle we took with Chuck’s sister and her husband. I hope to get some of those up tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s another picture Chuck took of how beautiful public architecture in Greater Seattle can be:


Anonymous said...

Welcome Home!!!!!


purpleronnie said...

Welcome Home all of you! Glad you're back safe and sound. Look forward to the pics and this one of the wall i think is the prettiest one.

Pink Granite said...

Hi Gail & Ronnie -
Thank you!
It's great to be home - laundry and all!
And despite the extended visit, we had very few "science experiments" growing in the refrigerator!
- Lee