Thursday, April 17, 2008

Well And Truly Spring

This year’s crop of crocuses

Since we returned from our trip, we haven’t needed to turn the heat on for the second floor at all. And we’ve only needed to push the heat on for the first floor very early in the mornings to take the overnight chill off. This afternoon, the outside temperature reached 70 (21 C) degrees! Looking at the forecast, I think our heating days are over until next autumn. That also means we need to remove our lovely IKEA Mysa Sol down quilt/comforter. We purchased it back in January, during their big winter sale (I can’t find it on their website). It’s been wonderful - cozy, toasty and light as, well O.K., a feather - or a whole slew of feathers. It’s been so warm actually, that we started turning the heat down earlier in the evenings so that the bedroom could reach our favorite sleeping temperature: 54 (12 C) degrees. So perhaps we saved a little on heating oil since we first fluffed and poofed the quilt onto the bed four months ago.

On the other hand, Chuck and I can’t stand the heat and humidity that are the hallmarks of southern New England summers. And it won’t be long before we need to slide the little Energy Star air conditioner into our bedroom window! But wait! I’m getting ahead of myself. For now, things are beginning to green up - little clusters of spring flowers, tender shoots and even a few buds on trees. The bugs are still few and far between. The days are mostly sunny, breezy and dry.

No complaints - not yet anyway! ;o)


Sue said...

What beautiful flowers!! I love the beginning of spring and all the promises that it holds. Across the seas, in a land far away, winter is arriving fast and furiously. I hate the cold. Although, that said, today's still going to be 23 degrees, so who am I to complain? And it doesn't ever get down to minus anything here...


purpleronnie said...

I was just about to say what Susie said damn! It's getting well chilly here in the nights and especially early morning. So with your packing away of the winter necessities - out come ours! I love love love winter and have never looked forward to it more than I do now being heavily pregnant and completely sick of hot weather! But then again as Susie pointed out, our Winters are never freezing, just cold. However, our houses do not come standard with central heating so I think much more wrapping up and snuggling is done - whooo hoo can't wait!

Pink Granite said...

Hi Sue & Ronnie -
Thanks for helping to put this change of seasons into better perspective!
We do get below freezing weather, but thankfully, very few "triple digit" (38+ C) days in the summer. My theory is you can always put on another layer of clothing when it's cold, but at some point, you run out of layers to take off to try to feel cooler!!!
- Lee