Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cruising The Lakes

One glorious afternoon, while we were in greater Seattle, Chuck’s sister and her husband took us out on their new-to-them 60 year old boat. The four hours we cruised around was the best stretch of weather we had during the entire visit. We started out on Lake Union, moved through Portage Bay to Union Bay then out onto Lake Washington. While on Lake Washington we motored down to Seward Park and Mercer Island then turned around, eventually returning to Lake Union. From there, we detoured under the Aurora Bridge heading out toward Salmon Bay, before returning to the slip.

Montlake bridge, between Portage Bay and Union Bay, with the Cascade Mountains in the distance

The University of Washington’s Husky Stadium as seen from Union Bay

The 520 across Lake Washington, near rush hour, with the Cascades and the city of Bellevue beyond

Mount Rainier about 60 miles away - seeming to float in the air as if it was painted on a theater scrim

Sea plane at the ready, parked in front of a home on Lake Washington

Mount Rainier rising above Seward Park

The boat in motion on Lake Washington

Part of Bill & Melinda Gates’ house on Lake Washington

Along the waterfront in Portage Bay

Sailing on Lake Union, with Seattle as the backdrop

Under the Aurora Bridge on Lake Union

Along the water toward Salmon Bay, the “Alaska Titan” and the diminutive “Fearless” are moored

On Lake Union, the houseboat from the movie “Sleepless In Seattle”

As always, feel free to click on any image to get a better look.


Sue said...

What gorgeous photos!! It looks and sounds like you had a good break away, although "there's no place like home" and I'm sure you're glad to be back. Can't believe that traffic though!


purpleronnie said...

Wow! These pictures are fantastic! I was so excited to see 'part of' the Gates' home - I called eveyone in to look. No offence intended, the US has never been high on my list of places I wanted to visit. You are changing that very very fast - I want to go to Washington Lake and Seattle and all these lovely places!

Anonymous said...

absulutely gorgeous!!!!!!!


barbie2be said...

wow, those are gorgeous!

Pink Granite said...

Hi All -
I'm so glad you like the photos and that it gave you a sense of the beauty of the area!
That afternoon was a wonderful break away from the routine we had established. And we were so fortunate to get such crisp, clear weather as Mount Rainier is notoriously elusive!
- Lee

Anonymous said...

Just getting my Chuck & Lee photo fix!

I'm enjoying these pictures, especially the floating Mt. Rainier.

Your images have a way of pleasingly lowering my blood pressure; a gift and a blessing!

"Guided by the Ancestors"

Pink Granite said...

Hi George -
Thank you for your generous words!
I'm so happy the photos bring you pleasure.
- Lee

Anonymous said...

wow looks like a beautiful day!!! Just now have ahd time to look on here.....Gorgeous....Carrie