Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Four Things

1. For some unknown reason, our internet connection has gone down again. I am currently sitting in a Barnes & Noble Bookstore, checking e-mail and posting this SOS. What are the chances that when we get home I will be able to talk to Carlos in Mexico? Oh how I wish I could have gotten that computer wizard’s direct line! So I may be out of touch for a bit until we can get this all sorted out.

2. Can anyone tell me why Chuck and I should eat at a "Cheesecake Factory Restaurant" ever, ever again? Seriously. We kept hearing good things about the place and after two truly mediocre, over-priced lunches, we’re ready to cross them off our list.

3. We had a great visit today with my favorite ER; my Mom in Rhode Island! She’s feisty and understands that growing older is not for sissies! Go Mom!

4. I have another poetry reading tomorrow night in support of the book, coinciding with Earth Day activities this week. I fear that my first reading last week may have been to an “easy” crowd. I am somewhat less optimistic about the reception tomorrow night, but I am definitely much less nervous. Except about small talk - I’d almost rather go to the dentist than make polite chit chat with total strangers! Wish me luck. I know you will!


dancingmorganmouse said...

ooh, talking to strangers, such horror! Good luck, you're brave, I'm sure you'll be fine.

purpleronnie said...

1. Oh no oh no!!! Please don't be too long - please let fate find you Carlos again!

2. Sorry can't comment but if there was such a place as a 'cheesecake factory' in cape town i would sleep on their doorstep!

3. Go Mom!

4. Good luck Good luck Good luck!!! You will be fine! And hey - you don't HAVE to talk to strangers - they will find your aloofness all part of the 'dark and disturbed artist' vibe. Hehehehe ;0)

barbie2be said...

there is no reason to eat at the cheesecake factory again. even the cheesecake isn't really that great.

ok, wait... maybe the strawberry short cake is reason enough. that is amazing.

Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM -
I assume you're being gently sarcastic about the horror of talking to strangers! I do appreciate the words of encouragement. And you were right, I was fine!
- Lee

Hi Ronnie -
1. I am SO happy to be connected to the internet once again! This time Chuck did the troubleshooting. Yay Chuck!
2. You are a stitch! Yes, by the name alone, Cheesecake Factory should be the be all and the end all. Sadly, not so.
3. ;o)
4. Thank you! I love your solution and explanation. "Dark and disturbed artist" indeed!
- Lee

Hi B2B -
Thanks for confirming our feelings. If someone else comments with a sufficiently enthusiastic savory "must have", we might give them one more try. If so, we will be sure to save room for the strawberry shortcake!
- Lee

Jeff said...

Regarding item #2, Kathy and I have a "BDE" (Bad Dining Experience) rule. It only takes one BDE to scratch a restaurant off our list.

Mediocre dining experiences sometimes merit a second chance, but if it's mediocre a second time, why go back for more?

Pink Granite said...

Hi Jeff -
I think you and Kathy have a very good system. I also like your "BDE" shorthand!
Thanks for the advice...
- Lee