Thursday, April 10, 2008

Settling Back In

Crocuses from spring 2007...

- More catching up today - laundry, getting used to cooking meals again, grocery list (the shopping trip never happened, maybe tomorrow?) e-mails, and all the little things that had to go by the boards while we were away.

- The visit to Washington really worked out beautifully - frankly much better than we had dared to hope. The mostly twice daily visits with Chuck’s Dad gave us the opportunity for moments of communication, observation, patience and service. Having Dad recognize us both and show flashes of his wit and humor are something we treasure. Added to those positives, we were able to spend lots of time, nearly every day, with Chuck’s sister Carol and her family. At one point, Chuck realized this was probably the most time he and Carol had spent together since they were living under the same roof as kids!

- At first glance, nothing looked green around here when we returned home. Perhaps it was the sharp contrast with the abundance of greenery and flowers out west which left us jaded! But in fact there are crocuses beginning to peek out and the first thick shoots of daffodil leaves gliding up through newly thawed, tender earth and last autumn’s crumbling leaves.

Being away was good.

Being home again is very good.


purpleronnie said...

Your little "Welcome Home Crocuses" are lovely!
It is true - to connect or reconnect with your family is a gift. My brother was recently home on a trip from the UK and there is nothing like a big bear hug from your brother to take you back to your past and be thankful to have these people in your life.

dancingmorganmouse said...

those Crocuses are beautiful, I don't think I could grow them here, winter isn't cold enough. Glad to read the ER visit went well and you're settling in with a little light laundry ;)