Monday, April 21, 2008

Seasonal Confusion

Technically, we’re not experiencing a drought around here. But we do need rain - sufficient and soon, please. According to The Boston Globe there were 189 reported brush fires across Massachusetts on Saturday alone. The spring bulbs have been continuing to push up. Even the lilac buds are swelling earlier than normal, due to the unusual warmth. It may feel like summer, yet, at first glance, it still looks more like late winter than a month past the equinox.

View from the kitchen door

Lilacs beside the driveway

First daffodils; spring green through winter beige


purpleronnie said...

Your spring pics are so lovely as always. I hope and hope you get some rain and really soon.

Sue said...

Gorgeous pics - the flowers look so new and fresh and bright peeping out of the dry ground. Fingers crossed for a good ol' storm!!


Pink Granite said...

Thanks Ronnie & Sue -
They say we may get a little rain over the weekend and then a more significant storm the first of the week!!!
- Lee