Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Wonderful World of IKEA

Friday afternoon, after seeing Mom and Gail off on their way to Georgia, Chuck and I drove to IKEA in Stoughton, Massachusetts. We first went to an IKEA down in Elizabeth, New Jersey more than 15 years ago. It was about 5 hours from where we lived at the time and worth every minute! The next available one we were able to get to was at Islip on Long Island. We took the ferry over from Connecticut and yes, it was worth every minute as well! At long last, the IKEA in Stoughton opened over a year ago and it’s less than two hours away!!!

Anyhoo, we were tired but just rounding the bend and seeing that blue and yellow facade caused us to perk right up. We stocked up on several items from the Marketplace and Chuck was able to get the chalkboard door he wanted for the cabinet in his shop. As we checked out, we were tickled to learn that the store has gone over to charging a nickel for every disposable plastic bag you want to use. To encourage you to buy the giant blue reusable IKEA bags, they dropped the price from 99 cents to 59 cents each.

We then rode the elevator down to the parking garage with a gentleman who had all the bits and pieces of a PAX unit loaded on a flat cart. We tried, somewhat unsuccessfully, not to scare him with our unbridled enthusiasm for PAX. We told him PAX had changed our lives. He said he hadn’t expected an existential transformation, just a place to put his junk. He’ll see...

After stowing our bag in the car, we went back in and had dinner in the large Cafe. Don’t you love those little open-faced shrimp sandwiches with the sliced hard boiled eggs? Refreshed and recharged, we made a quick circuit of the showrooms. That’s when we finally made the decision to buy a Poang chair (beech frame, Sirkon Sand fabric). We have been admiring it for ages and thanks to the generosity of a gift card from C, A, K, & P, we took the plunge! It’s now happily ensconced in our living room, post assembly by Chuck. It was another great trek to IKEA. We’ll be back!


Anonymous said...

Happy to hear you spent the GC well!!

Now you know, due to my unmitigated and maybe slightly unwarranted hatred of IKEA, if given the opportunity I would take a torch to that place (or maybe some type of build-it-yourself Sweedish candle kit they sell at that store just for a bit of irony).

But know that I fully respect your love of all things IKEA, and am glad to hear you had a great time! And managed to make it out of that labyrinth before night fell- ok that was my last cheap shot. I'll end on a positive note: the meatballs are quite delicious. -KRL

Anonymous said...

One additional note: to clarify, I do not like IKEA the structure, but their stuff is pretty cool. Make sense? OK, I have officially thought about this too much.

Pink Granite said...

Dear KRL,

I so appreciate that you respect our love of all things IKEA.

K nowing you like their stuff, just hate “the maze” is a relief.

E ver hopeful that you will not succumb to your rage.

A nd we look forward to your sitting in the new chair!

Thanks again!
Auntie Lee

P.S. We like the meatballs too! We’ll have to do IKEA together sometime!

Anonymous said...

We can make it a family trip!!Bring a camera, it might be valuable to have the first-ever recorded evidence of someone's head exploding.... LOL
Wicked cute chair, by the way. I checked out the link.

Promising Arson Is Not In My Nature, KRL

Pink Granite said...

Hey KRL-
Sounds like a plan! I'll have my camera at the ready and will post the pictures to the blog! Mind you, I'll also be ready to snap a picture of your happy conversion to all things IKEA as you carry your purchases out in the big blue reusable IKEA bag! Heck, I'll even have you able to find the shortcuts from one section to another!
Glad you liked the chair!
- A.L.
P.S. Did you mean to spell out P A I N I'M iN ?
Or did Freud strike again? ;o)

barbie2be said...

hey, i was at ikea on friday too! my niece just bought her first home and needed a bunch of new stuff and of course auntie barbie has an SUV so.... i was fortunate enough to get out having only spent $71 on my own things. my niece spent over $1000.

we love ikea. the meatballs and the cinnamon rolls are yummy!

Tonya said...

the closest Ikea to us is Atlanta. i've been dying to go. can you believe 40 years of living without ever being in one? that has to be a real shame.

Pink Granite said...

Hi All-
I think it's so cool the way so many different people resonate with IKEA and the products they sell.

barbie2be, Aunties Rock!!! I'm glad you mentioned the cinnamon buns - and the prices can't be beat! Good luck to your niece in her new home!

Tonya, It's time for a road trip! I think you would enjoy the design elements and the entire experience.

Thanks for all the great interaction!
- Lee

Roo said...

Picking up on this - we have a brand sapnking new one about half a mile from our home - better still, buy the meatballs and eat them at home, away from the screaming masses.

Having previously worked for 20 odd years in the hospitality industry I get a little edgy around a lot of the great unwashed! I'm with KRL, a super idea of an IKEA arsonist kit ;o) (not that I'm advocating it and no animals where harmed in this post)

Pink Granite said...

I admit to being green with envy that you have an IKEA so close to your home! Well, except for the traffic!
We've never bought the meatballs to cook up in our own kitchen. We feared they wouldn't taste as good without all the IKEA atmosphere!!! You say screaming masses, I say atmosphere...
- Lee