Friday, March 2, 2007

In Like a Lion...

We are feeling lucky once again this winter. Overnight we got a few inches of snow followed by sleet and then heavy rain. The low temperatures caused a thick layer of ice to build up on everything. Just down the road, a power line was stretched to near its limit by the weight of a fallen tree. We lost our power for a brief period of time while the electric company made the final repair. But by mid-afternoon the temps climbed to the mid thirties and the ice quickly disappeared. Then, just past seven tonight, we started to hear some engine noise in front of the house. It turned out to be a young man in a pick up truck which had slid off the road and was stuck in the heavy, icy slush. Chuck and I headed out to see how we could help. Another couple, in a huge 4 wheel drive pick up, stopped to see how they could be of assistance. We contributed a flashlight, a rope, some heavy chain and a modicum of traffic control. They provided horsepower. It wasn’t long before the young man was back on his way. No “film at eleven”, just life in the country!

:: Red Sox Note:

I know NESN needed to cover hockey tonight, but giving us only one hour of the Red Sox vs. Boston College game was frustrating. O.K. they wanted to show us Daisuke Matsuzaka’s first two trips to the mound in a Red Sox uniform. But Geez Louise, it left us wanting more. As for Daisuke, I was impressed with the centered, solid, graceful and controlled way he pitches. I’m afraid the enormous hype led me to expect a golden halo-like glow around the superhuman 26 year old and flames trailing out behind every ball he released. But the flesh and blood human being looked good and left us wanting more...

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