Friday, March 30, 2007

Money, Media & March 31st

Tomorrow night at midnight, a strange confluence of politics and media reportage comes together. March 31, 2007 marks the end of the first quarter of the 2008 United States Presidential campaign fundraising. You may have noticed that I have links on the right hand side of my blog to both John Edwards and Barack Obama. I feel good about both of them and would be happy if either one was elected President. Well, we put a little bit of money where our mouths are and made small contributions to both campaigns. Obviously, only one candidate can win, but both men are emphasizing different issues. We want not to muddy the waters by supporting both Obama and Edwards, but instead to keep them both talking about all those vital issues.

Tomorrow night at midnight, the media will be poring over the reports to learn how much money every candidate has raised and from how many donors. If the numbers (both people and money) are good, then the media will talk about those candidates and the issues they are raising. If the media talks about them, then more people will learn about the candidates and their positions on the issues. It’s a strange, fairly new phenomenon, but it’s true. “Early Money” is always important to a campaign’s momentum. But this election cycle some primaries, including California’s, are being moved up to significantly earlier dates, making “early money” even more critical.

So if this 2008 U.S. Presidential election is important to you, consider making a campaign contribution today to the candidate you most want to lead this nation. Every little bit helps. $5, $10, $25.... any amount puts you on record as saying “Yes, I want to be a part of this process. I believe we can and should do better.”
Here is the link to contribute to John Edwards
Here is the link to contribute to Barack Obama

If you would like to learn more about either man and what he stands for, just click on the the links to the right under “Learn More/Get Involved”. And if I haven’t mentioned the candidate you would most like to “pull the lever for” today, then a quick Google search will help you find their website.

:: Red Sox Notes:

I am outraged! Major League Baseball has notified the Boston Red Sox that our beloved Johnny Pesky, age 87, will no longer be allowed to sit in the Red Sox dugout with the team! Johnny started with the Red Sox Organization back in 1940 as an amateur free agent. He debuted as a player in 1942 and has served as both manager and a coach. Anyone who has ever seen Big Papi come back into the dugout after a trip around the bases and wrap Johnny up in a big bear hug understands my feelings. The guy’s terrific and a legend. I don’t give a fat rat’s ass that this is an MLB rule of long standing - get a freakin’ waiver!!!


Anonymous said...

> If you would like to learn more about either man and what he stands for

Here's another resource for doing just that...

Both Edwards and Obama are fairly well represented.


Pink Granite said...

Thanks Gary -

I appreciate the information and the referral. It's a unique video format.

I would also recommend Project Vote Smart. They have been around for over 20 years and are also non-partisan. They also cover all U.S. races, not just the Presidential.

- Lee

Anonymous said...

Yes, Project Vote Smart is a wealth of information. My site is definitely much simpler...essentially a single page. My hope is that my site would appeal to people that have a limited amount of time they want to spend on researching the candidates.