Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mary Elizabeth Anania Edwards

My heart goes out to Elizabeth Edwards, her husband John and their entire family. Elizabeth and John announced today that cancer has once again been found in Elizabeth’s body. It is considered treatable, but not curable. If you would like to send a message of support and encouragement to her, you can click on this link. It will take you directly to page where you can learn more and send a note.


Roo said...

I have a dear friend that has lived with Non-Hodgkins for a long time now, and a more vibrant person I have yet to meet.

She is also the mother of one of my God-Daughters, Becci, has another wonderful child, Christopher, and is married to one of my oldest friends, Neil.

Both Neil and Linda are only children, so we count ourselves more than fortunate and honoured to be Uncles to both Becci and Chris, and love them more for it. They moved out of MK where I live and took up residence back in North Yorkshire (their link is on my blog - Knotty Ash Farm)into Linda's old family home and farm.

She is an absolute inspiration, and I dread the day when. I only hope I am strong enough to help. In the meantime I hope in some small way I can be as inspirational to someone else, as she is to me. I hope your firend has enough people aroud her to show encouragment, support, and when necessary shout a little. I'll spare a thought for her when I think him/her upstairs is listening. x

Pink Granite said...

Dear Roo,
Linda, Neil, Becci and Christopher are blessed to have you for a friend, "sibling", uncle and Godfather.

Our friend Linda recently got the incredible news that she is cancer free after a long haul with chemo and radiation. We hope her good news keeps being repeated, year after year...

As for Elizabeth Edwards, we are confident that she has lots of support and now your good wishes have been added to the mix.

Thank you for all the warmth, wit and good humor you send our way...

- Lee and Chuck

barbie2be said...

i was saddened to hear about the spread of elizabeth edwards cancer. more so than i normally would have been since i just lost my dear friend shauna to breast cancer that had spread to her bones in december.

the edwards family is in my thoughts, as are your linda friends.

Pink Granite said...

Hi barbie2be,
I am so sorry for the recent loss of your dear friend Shauna.
The miraculous recoveries give us hope. The tragic losses break our hearts.
- Lee