Monday, March 12, 2007

Not Quite “Sprung”

Around here, we still have several inches of snow on the ground. But it did feel like spring today. The bare patches of ground underneath our feet were a little squishy and muddy and there was just a hint of loaminess in the air. Chuck took advantage of the sunny, mild afternoon to level out the rutted track in front of our mailbox left by the letter carrier’s and our vehicles. We’re fortunate that, unlike northern New England, we don’t get an entirely separate “mud season” down here. I lived in northern Vermont for many years and I don’t miss that particular season one bit!

:: Red Sox Notes:

The Red Sox beat the Yankees tonight! It was very satisfying to see the two arch rivals face off against one another, even though a lot of the big name players were not in evidence. We got to see the Spring Training Invitees and many of our favorite players all mixing it up with the Yankees. I confess I really wanted the win, but it’s possible that even a close loss would have been O.K. Hey, I only said it was “possible”! I haven’t sold out to the Evil Empire!

I also have to make note of how strong Mirabelli looked at bat tonight. I hope that portends good numbers for Doug. Although not much could match the excitement of his State Trooper escorted return last season!

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