Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Officially Spring

This was a slice of the Boston skyline from outside the Bayside Expo Center. It was cold, windy and despite the bright sunshine, felt very much like winter yesterday afternoon. But inside the exhibition hall, it was all spring and summer. The Massachusetts Horticultural Society’s New England Spring Flower Show has been taking place for over a century. We haven’t been attending for quite that long! This year had some wonderful displays, but seemed to have fewer exhibitors overall. There also appeared to be a fair amount of empty space in the main hall. The Gardener’s Marketplace however, was chock-a-block full of all kinds of vendors, as usual.

I hope these photos help you think warm thoughts of spring and summer. Enjoy!


Roo said...

Love those furry reabbit ear plants - yes I should try and remember the name! Spring sprung here just as we went away, but we have had a little snow and it's been cold for some reason for the past couple of weeks...

Pink Granite said...

Over here we call them "Lamb's Ear" (Stachys lanata), but Rabbit's Ear is equally descriptive!

It was warm here today, but they're predicting snow again tomorrow night. Hope you get spring in earnest very soon.