Thursday, March 15, 2007

Here We Go Again?

Well, it was 70 degrees around here the other day, so naturally we were hoodwinked into thinking thoughts of spring and, perhaps, if we were really gullible, summer. So equally naturally, here in Southern New England, we are now preparing for another nor’easter. To refresh your memories on what that means for us, please refer to my February 13th post. But that storm, which was supposed to upend 18 inches of snow onto us, took the scenic coastal route and left us with little more than a postcardesque photo-op! With this storm, the weather prophets are talking a dozen inches of snow, followed by a couple of inches of rain, with a lovely ice course in between as a palate cleanser!

I can’t quite believe that the paltry snowfall this winter is causing me to think fondly of recent years, when the snow we piled up in the dooryard was taller than all six feet one inch of Chuck. Or to somehow forget the back-aching labor required to dig out the dryer vent, the paths to the oil fill pipe and the compost pile. And then there’s the Keystone Cop moments when I tried to wield the mind-of-its-own roof rake to clear the kitchen roof of its snow load. And when the snow was too deep to walk through, that instead of strapping on my snowshoes to get to the other side of the house, I dragged all 18 feet of that roof rake through the kitchen and climbed out the far window! Hand to God - it seemed like such a good idea at the time!

No matter what the heavens loose upon us in the next 24 hours, tomorrow we will celebrate Chuck’s birthday and Sunday we will have a wingding to send my sister Gail off to Georgia! Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom...


barbie2be said...

Lee, i hope the prognosticators are wrong and that you have a lovely weekend for Chuck's birthday and your sister's send-ff too.

Pink Granite said...

Thanks barbie2be! Will do!