Thursday, March 22, 2007


The fact that my sister Gail is moving from Rhode Island to Georgia tomorrow is looming large for me. My eldest sister Karen moved across the country to California 19 years ago. She is now living 2647 miles from here in Arizona. In just a few days Gail will be 1058 miles away in Georgia. That also means that Gail and Karen will now be 1940 miles apart from each other.

Lots of numbers tumbling around with lots of feelings and it all seems just too darn far!

So, what else do I know? I know I am enormously grateful for telephones, cell phones, e-mails, digital cameras and this blog. I am enormously grateful that three such unique and different sisters, still have more than enough in common to keep us feeling connected as sisters and family. And I am ever so proud of Gail that she named her dream, worked so hard to achieve it and is now just “a few” miles away from living it! Go Gail!!!

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Anonymous said...

Do we have another Sister??????