Monday, January 10, 2011

Dead End

It’s a domino thing. I need to make space in one part of the house in order to bring order and beauty to another. So I tackled one of the two closets our old house has. That’s two closets for what was originally a four bedroom home. One of the bedrooms was converted about nine decades ago into our only bathroom. Did I mention it’s an old house? One closet is in the upstairs hall. That’s the “big” one - big being a relative term. The little one is not only little, it is awkward as the dickens. We have two rods in it, on the right hand side. So you have to shimmy in on the left and rummage until you find what you want, then shimmy back out again.

Chuck and I enjoy watching House Hunters on HGTV. Our jaws drop when we see folks touring homes, wandering into capacious walk-in closets (what a concept!) and declaring them too small. Too small? Some of those closets are far bigger than our largest bedroom!

Now you understand our passion for IKEA Pax units don’t you? (When you click the link, be careful not to drool on your keyboard!)

Anyhoo, I tackled one half of the truly little closet. I tried to be just as ruthless as Morgan and Roo. I did very well. But the first cut yielded an embarrassing number of outdated and rarely worn clothes. They'll be donated tomorrow. And while I generally buy very simple, classic clothes, apparently I went through a "cute & trendy" tops phase a few years ago. What the heck was I thinking? As I pulled an odd assortment of foreign items out from the far reaches of the closet, I decided I must have lost my mind - however briefly!

The second half of the closet is tomorrow. Isn’t there something else I could volunteer for? You know, jury duty, endodontic procedures? Never mind, I believe I just heard my closet coaches order me back in; something about being brave, steadfast and ruthless!


Sue said...

I am in LOVE with those IKEA cupboards. We don't get IKEA here, but their stuff is always great.

I am lucky to have built in wardrobes in all 3 of the bedrooms in my house, but they don't seem nearly big enough. Danie has huge open plan cupboards (well in the main bedroom anyway, the others aren't done yet).

Happy cleaning - I don't envy you!!

Sue x

Ms Brown Mouse said...


Pink Granite said...

Hi Sue -
I think IKEA is missing a bet not to set up shop in South Africa. I remember being envious of your wardrobes when you shared photos after you and Jake moved in. The old adage of "a place for everything and everything in its place" makes a world of difference in organization and peace of mind!

Hi DMM -
Yes ma'am!!!