Monday, January 17, 2011

Welcome To The Weather Blog

Ladies and gentleman, we have a pattern - and it ain’t pretty! O.K. I’ll admit, it is January in New England, but we have another storm coming tomorrow - and another one Friday. Wendy asked me last week what I considered a bad storm. Tomorrow will very likely be a crappy, lousy, messy, bad storm. We could get six inches plus of snow, followed by sleet, then ice, then rain. Blech! One of the decision points for tomorrow will be do we clear the snow right before it turns to sleet or do we just hide inside until the misery has ended? If we let the snow stand, then all the subsequent precipitation will soak into it and it will weigh a ton - a ton likely encrusted in ice. But if we manage to time it right and move the snow, then all the varietal frozen water which appears later will likely turn the driveway and walkways into a freakin’ winter Slip 'n Slide.

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

It’s weather like tomorrow’s festival of fun that makes some people want to jet off to Caribbean climes. Not me. I can’t lie and say I love this sort of winter slop, but I will always choose it over hazy, hot and humid.

Remind me that I typed that about 4:00 p.m. tomorrow!

Our back walk, post ice storm, post jarring work with an ice spade, in February 2008


Ms Brown Mouse said...

Goodness, would you like a little of our heat and humidity blown your way?

GAIL said...

Yes, humidity is horrible but I would rather put up with that (god bless A/C) than snow. Having said that, the last week here in GA has been a nightmare. I feel like I am channeling the Northeast weather and I DON"T LIKE IT!!!!!!!

Kate said...

I would much rather my fat ass were creating an eyesore on some beautiful beach than ever be cold again. If they need lawyers in the Caymens I will do it.

Shoveling snow is horrendous.

Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM -
Oh, no, not really, but thanks ever so much!
But I'll be happy to keep sending cool breezes your way!

Hi Gail -
More proof that you made the right decision when you moved to Georgia!
A.C. helps make summer bearable, but it's all that in and out of the non-airconditioned world, coupled with a growing sense of claustrophobia that keeps me choosing winter.
Hope your wintry pattern breaks very soon!

Hi Kate -
Shoveling snow in a more urban area such as where you live now is awful!!! Very quickly there is NO place to put the snow. Then, as soon as you finish digging out your car, the fire hydrant, a storm drain and clearing a sidewalk, the plows come by and fill it all in again - Aaaarrrgghh!
Hang in there!