Friday, January 14, 2011


When I had my surgery back in July, Chuck and I were prepared for a long haul. I was incredibly fortunate that I was out of the hospital in days, not weeks and that my recovery proceeded without incident. (Yes, that’s wood you hear me knocking!) My surgeon instructed me to follow all of her rules through the first eight weeks. After that, I was to be careful, sensible. But the first of September came and went and I was still being super cautious. I felt better each week, but I did not trust my body. Intellectually, I knew I was stronger, but I was scared. I didn’t want to take any chances.

In the last two weeks I felt something shift. No, I don’t mean stitches! I was feeling more confident; more trusting of my body. After a modest snowfall I shoveled, cautiously, but I shoveled. We went to IKEA and I was able to help Chuck lift and stow the flat pack boxes in and onto our car. I was very, very careful and I was fine. I was achey and tired the next day, but that was as much from happily schlepping around the enormous store for hours as it was from toting and heaving. Then the latest storm brought 15 inches / 38 centimeters of snow. It was fluffy and I was mindful of my form and motion as I shoveled and I was fine.

So six months after my surgery I feel as if I have arrived at a new milestone. I won’t start swinging from the chandelier, but whatever I do, I will remain aware and I really will be fine.


Ms Brown Mouse said...

Where as Miss Tigger is up and about and leaping tall buildings (almost). Don't you wish we humans could recover like cats?
Glad to hear you're on your way, properly :)

Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM -
Thank you!
Although Tigger is still a kitten really. I am so happy she has bounced back so well.
I will admit, there were several moments when I thought of our elderly husky and how I cared for her after a surgery. Knowing the physiology of how her wound healed actually gave me patience and hope!
Lessons come from many places!
- Lee

Anonymous said...

from Julie

Happy to read that your recovery is going well. Sending good thoughts your way.