Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More Snow

The snow fell hard and steadily overnight and throughout the day. Several times, the snow lightened and we wondered if it was finally passing through. Just as many times, the winds howled, squalls intensified and we were enveloped in white-out conditions. Late this afternoon, radar and our own observations led us to begin the clearing in earnest. I grabbed shovel, yardstick and camera. Chuck headed for the barn and the snowblower. Together we moved the blessedly light snow off the driveway and walkways. I also shoveled off the bulkhead and dug out the dryer vent. Chuck cleared the area around the mailbox for postal delivery tomorrow, as well as a swath down to the compost pile. With drifts up to the windowsills, it was difficult to get an accurate reading, but I believe we got about 15 inches / 38 centimeters. For us, not a bad storm; not a bad storm at all.


Ms Brown Mouse said...

Living in a winter wonderland :D

GAIL said...

great pics!!!

Wendy said...

wow. Love the one where the window is almost snowed in. I do love snow.. for a day or 2 and then it must melt
so whats a bad storm for you ?

Kate said...

Amazing, we live just 50 or so miles away, and the snow here was extremely wet and heavy. Trees down on our street, power lines down, and now a frozen snow crust on everything!

Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM -
This time that really is what it felt like!

Hi Gail -
How are you faring with all of your unusual rough winter weather?

Hi Wendy -
I'd like it if snow could fall only where we don't need to shovel and snowblow!

Bad storms come in many, many varieties!

The worst is anything which involves heavy, wet snow. (see Kate's comment above!). It's back-breaking, potentially dangerous, can lead to power outages & snowblowing becomes snow-chunking!

It's also tough when we get more than two feet/60+centimeters in one storm. That depth means we have to shovel off the top layer, then the bottom in order to clear it all away. Even the snowblower takes longer with that amount.

Some storms bring a changing mix - light, granular, rain, heavy snow and back again. See heavy, wet snow above!

Lastly, if we get too many snowstorms in quick succession, we begin to run out of room for where the heck to put it all! Here in the country, we have more options, but in urban environments, just several inches can lead to problems.

All of that is why this storm was not bad for us!

Hi Kate -
When we saw your school district was closed again today, we knew you had trouble. Then the surrounding towns made the news with their similar weather related miseries. Did you lose power? Hope you and the fam are all OK!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Oooo, did you have to rake it off the roof? So jealous, it's only 28 degrees here but 99% humidity, the weight of the air is crushing me!

Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM -
28C is 82F so add in 99% humidity and I would be as limp as a dishrag!
Are you using your little room AC? (Do I remember you nicknamed him Penguin???)
Sending cool thoughts and a snowball or two your way...

Pink Granite said...

Hi again DMM -
No we haven't had to use the roof rake this season - not YET!