Friday, December 3, 2010

It Works!

My digital camera is a five year old Canon PowerShot S2 IS. Yes, I do dream about digital SLRs, but I like most aspects of my camera. Two things I don’t like are the slow recovery time between shots and the harshness of the pop-up flash. Without upgrading to another camera, I’m stuck with the lag time. But Photojojo provided a solution for the glare of the flash. Ages ago they recommended making a Film Canister Flash Diffuser. I finally did it and it works like a charm!

While Isabella was in the NICU I never used a flash. I didn’t wish to harm those tender eyes of hers. As a result, I became quite adept at adjusting and screening in iPhoto and Photoshop to compensate for low light and the dreaded fluorescent light in her room. Now that she is home, the lighting is still complicated. When we first visited on Thanksgiving, I shot just a few photos without flash. But as the gloaming settled in, I had to flip up the flash. The photos had an unnatural quality which made me think of the strobe lights on the dance floors of the disco era. (Yes, I am that old!) I resolved to make the film canister diffuser and give it a whirl.

We tried it out today and the only tweaking I need to do is to get a tighter fit on the canister. If I tipped the camera down too far or flipped it to the side for a portrait orientation it came close to falling off. But that should be a fairly easy fix and well worth the time to achieve a more natural, true-to-memory photograph.


Roo said...

Have you tried using a thin bead of bluetack?

Pink Granite said...

Thank you!