Tuesday, December 14, 2010


The world turns; the darkness falls; we’re sliding into winter.
The welcome chill of autumn becomes raw and biting.
Winds of summer brought comfort; winter’s wind causes us to steel ourselves.
The lights keep us steady and sane.
Creamy yellow glow of lamps through frosted windowpanes; twinkle lights dangling from porches; these cheer us.
Evergreens strung round and round with bulbs of green, red, blue, orange; these gladden our hearts.
Crazy, inflatable snowmen, Santas, penguins; tethered to the ground, bob and weave as their light spills onto lawns, dusted with first snow.
Wicker reindeer, draped in white lights, graze in an imaginary forest, adjacent to sidewalks and parking meters.
We squint, the way my Dad taught me to check our Christmas tree decades ago, we squint and the lights steady us; warm our hearts and something deep within us calms, then soars.


Ms Brown Mouse said...

Awwww :)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

The beginnings of a poem?

Anonymous said...

From Julie

Great word pictures!

Anonymous said...

Off topic:

Hope you get to read today's (December 19, 2020). Shaun Sutner wrote about local bloggers. He interview Nicole, Mike and Bill. I appreciate the effort that the area's on-line community puts into good writing and research.


Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM -
Thank you!
Yes. And no!
But it's very much how my poems begin.
I liked that it was a word snapshot of what my brain was thinking and my heart was feeling.

Hi Julie -
Thank you for the kind words!

And thank you very much for the heads up on the T&G article!
We hadn't opened the papers yet, so I headed over to the on-line version. It was a good read.

And I hope it brings Jeff's wife Kathy some comfort to know that not only does Jeff's legacy live on in the blogging community, but in his influence on Central Mass and the T&G itself.
- Lee

Anonymous said...

Julie said...

I miss Jeff too.

Anonymous said...

Julie said,

I just proofread "Off Topic". Yipes!