Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thank You!

Have you ever looked at your calendar and not seen any blank spaces? That’s what my week has been like. It actually began at the beginning of November when our washer and dryer began their inexorable journey to the recycling facility. Heck, it probably began back in July when I had my surgery. Regardless of the starting point, things got so busy that I missed the anniversary of Pink Granite. It was November 25th, Thanksgiving Day. But there were far more important things happening at the time - like the long awaited homecoming of Isabella Rose!

While this acknowledgement is belated, it is heartfelt: thank you for reading and joining in Pink Granite for the last four years!


Roo said...

Woohoo - who would have thought it! Congrats.

I know what you mean about blank calenders, and like I said, why does time seem to compact at this time of the year?

Great to see Isabella Rose at home, love to all xxx

Roo said...

Oh and... catching up.

Chicken soup - go Chuck go... ;o)
Ill - hope you are feeling better x
Chanukah - I must dig out my Jewish cookbook too.
Dead or drunk - you must find out!

Farewell to Jeff - I didn't read his blog, but it doesn't mean that we are not saddened by his passing.

Catch up soon, Roo

Anonymous said...

JULIE said:

A very happy anniversary to you!

Pink Granite said...

Dear Roo -
Thank you!!!

Hi Julie -
- Lee