Monday, December 20, 2010

Blue Ribbon!

Without a doubt, the best blue cheese I have ever eaten is Cashel Blue Irish Farmhouse Cheese made in County Tipperary, Ireland. I remember tasting close to a dozen artisanal blue cheeses out in Seattle a couple of years ago. Many of them were very, very good. But this past October I had some Cashel Blue as part of a salad at McKay’s in Bar Harbor. It was intense but not overpowering; creamy without being mushy. It had an ancient, earthy, yet wonderfully fresh taste. We made a note of the name. Saturday night we found some at Whole Foods near Alewife. Last night I added it to our salads. At this stage of ripeness it can’t really be cut and cubed. So you need to use your fingers to break and roll bits of it off. It was as good as we remembered! The Cashel site has a lot of useful information about the cheese along with some recipes. Although I have trouble imagining incorporating this blue into anything, simply because it is so enjoyable on its own - think very plain crackers, apples, pears or a lightly dressed salad. I look forward to having it with a prosecco or with a moscato. Basically, I look forward to having it again!


Roo said...

Cashel is great but so too is a good Colston Basset or a Cropwell Bishop. I am seriously not making these names up ;o)

What's the one food that sums up Christmas....

Pink Granite said...

Hi Roo -
Thanks for the recommendations. I've Googled and bookmarked their websites. We'll look for them at better cheesemongers.

Re: your question
I urge everyone who reads this to go to this recent post of Roo's:
Then smile...

Merry Christmas!