Friday, May 1, 2009

More Housekeeping

The other day I recommended (urged, beseeched, implored, exhorted) you to back up your computer. Today, I’m writing on the importance of having a will. About ten years ago Chuck and I finished our wills and all the attendant documents. It was not an easy task for us. Looking at death, dying and life expectancy is not our favorite sport - unlike my Mom! But with the recent passing of Chuck’s father Milton, we are even more mindful of the importance of a clear will.

Milton was a dot every “I” cross every “T” sort of fellow. Something for which Chuck and his sister are both enormously grateful. But even the detail oriented Milton had a few bits and pieces left undone. Nothing major, but with each paperwork snag, we count our blessings that these are only small details to be sorted out and that Dad did not die intestate.

Ricë over at the Voodoo Cafe was asking for advice from folks who had used any on-line legal sites to draw up a will. She received a lot of recommendations, but I have to vote for a family attorney. We love our attorney. She’s intelligent, compassionate, knows Massachusetts law and is reasonably priced - a truly winning combination! But what she provided, besides a host of thorough legal documents, was peace of mind.

In light of our current experience with all things related to a last will and testament, we will likely be meeting with our attorney once again. First off, it’s just a good idea to revisit the will a decade after its writing. Secondly, we want absolutely everything to flow as smoothly, automatically and painlessly as possible for our beneficiaries, should we both get eaten by alligators tomorrow.

Which reminds me, if the alligators only nibble and we are hospitalized, we want our health care proxy forms to be crystal clear as well!


dancingmorganmouse said...

Good to plan ahead, always. Still, I hope you two don't get eaten by alligators tomorrow.

Kate said...

Always see a lawyer. Don't use those sites. I gotta have a job someday!

Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM -
So far so good - no alligators!
The will gets saved for another day - hopefully far, far, far away!
- Lee

Hi Kate -
I'm confident that your future career is secure!
Having worked so closely with our lawyer, I know the care and high quality of attention and service she provided. I wouldn't trade that for anything!
- A.L.
P.S. Have you thought about family law???

Nana Fi said...

Sorting out one's will is not always the most pleasant of tasks as it makes one realise one's mortality. My Mum died 15 years ago intestate and it took a lot of sorting. She too was one that was so particular about these things and we had in fact done it and posted the will back to our attorney, but he never got it and for some reason no one ever picked up on that. Fiona

Roo said...

We where just talking about this tonight - how weird, even the alligator bit...... oh, ok, maybe not the alligator ;o)

Pink Granite said...

Hi Fiona -
Thank you for sharing such a cautionary tale. What a shame her wishes were not fully communicated and filed as she had intended.
- Lee

Hi Roo -
Great minds and all that...
But if you and Peter had discussed the alligator bit, well, it would be welcome to the Twilight Zone!
- Lee