Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Me - Ow!

Last January, we got our cat Cassie through her Iodine-131 treatment which left her healthier, calmer and less prone to the crazy bedtime habit she had developed of bouncing off the walls with a sudden, prolonged burst of energy. Now, the cats have decided that they wish to have a sunrise breakfast each morning. Charming - Oui? Not so much! What’s odd is that it didn’t start gradually as the days grew longer here in the Northern Hemisphere. Instead, I think they had a meeting, decided they wanted to get a bright and early start every morning. Then they worked out which one would crawl prance up onto my shoulder and meow - - - first!

As a result, my eyes snap open and it’s very hard for me to fall back asleep again until the alarm goes off. Closing the door to shut them out of the bedroom leads to piteous meowing from the other side, which also begins at dawn. I’m running on appreciably less sleep now than I would like, which leaves me foggy brained and cranky. Hence this wonderfully insightful, clever and amusing post - Oui? Sorry, not so much.

I am hoping that this coordinated feline demand for a sunrise breakfast extinguishes as rapidly as it developed. Because right now, the long nights and later sunrises of next winter seem really, really far away.


Sue said...

Hmmmm... could you put food out for them at night before you go to bed? I must say, it's about the only thing that I like about winter - Jake's not that keen to get out of bed as he is in summer time and quite happily lazes for ages before getting up. And I can get him down earlier in the evenings too...

barbie2be said...

moo wakes me up when he feels the need for a cuddle.

Pink Granite said...

Hi Sue -
They sending kisses your way! They would say we had finally seen the light and given them a midnight snack! Actually, with many cats, leaving food out all the time works just fine. But with multiple cats, especially one who is the queen bee, the food doesn't get shared very well.

Winter has soooo much to recommend it and you captured one of the best!
Thanks for the suggestion!
- Lee

Hi B2B -
Our cats like to sleep on top of us. Abigail in particular waits until I turn on my side and then climbs up on my hip - queen of all she surveys!
- Lee

Wendy said...

So Cats are the same as small children then. sun/light = awake and ready to play
I totally hear you and empathise

dancingmorganmouse said...

Lee, we locked the cats out of the bedroom years ago. It wasn't just the 4am demands for breakfast and jumping on our bladders. No, it was more the wild fights that only stopped when food was offered as an option. Nobody want's a cat fight on their face first thing. (I miss them though, furry, purry hot water bottles)

Pink Granite said...

Hi Wendy -
Yes, but don't kids eventually grow out of it???
- Lee

Hi DMM -
Uggh! I hate cat fights! Even the little sparring, not really full fledged fights, bother me.
We've gone through long periods of time where we shut them out. But then there will be some calm periods and we get lulled into thinking there will be peace in the valley.
- Lee