Sunday, May 31, 2009


I began this blog because I had to. Once I figured out what a blog was, the desire to start my own was powerful. I expected it to be simply a way to stay in touch with family and friends. Then “strangers” stopped by, who have now become friends. (I used to put friends in quotation marks but after two and a half years friends is accurate!) Surprising to me, many of those visitors were from very far away - England, South Africa, Australia... Then, in September of 2007, I was mentioned in Worcester Magazine’s Blog Log. Suddenly I became part of a community of Worcester County Bloggers.

Now, one of those fellow Worcester bloggers, Papamoka, is in need of assistance. Maybe you will have a suggestion for him. Maybe you have walked in his shoes and will have a word of encouragement for him. Maybe you just want to hold him and his family in your thoughts. Here’s the link to where he posted about the situation he is in right now.

Thank you...

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