Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tiny Tech Triumph

For years, actually decades, Chuck and I relied on various Day-Timer calendars and planners to help keep us organized and sane. While Day-Timer continually adds new products and features, they maintain their core product line. Which, for creatures of habit like us, is a really wonderful corporate policy! But as our lives and routines have changed and as our technology usage has evolved, we’ve been moving away from paper calendars and planners to software based ones.

When we bought our first Apple laptop four years ago, it came with Address Book, exactly what it sounds like and iCal, the calendar application. We used them intermittently at first, but then the first round of holiday cards were ready to be printed and their envelopes addressed and we suddenly had a big motivation to learn Address Book. When we got our second Apple laptop two years ago, iCal moved onto our radar. Chuck and I had long coordinated our calendars on a monthly and weekly basis. We would flip through to make sure we had each other’s appointments jotted down to avoid scheduling snafus. But we soon realized that if either of us noted a birthday or a dentist appointment in iCal, we could have it show up automatically in iCal on the other computer. Sweet!

For quite awhile we’ve been syncing our iCal calendars and it has been an absolute breeze. But for some reason we had problems syncing our Address Books from one computer to the other. Recently, we slogged through a manual sort of all our Address Book “cards” - so called because when you import or export the .vcf vCards individually, they look like traditional Rolodex cards. But even after we had checked all 180 cards, we still couldn’t sync automatically. So Chuck called Apple tech support tonight and after much backing and forthing, our Address Books are syncing up a storm!

Next stop: something portable to handle such nifty software. Oh please Apple, send the iPhone over to Verizon Wireless and soooon!


Sue said...

I'm completely stupid when it comes to anything technical what-so-ever, so hats off to you and Chuck for getting all this right, I'd never have gotten that far!!

Roo said...

I sync my phone to my pc, so my electronic brain takes over all my appointments. When I add a diary date that needs Peters involvement, I just add him as a participant, and bingo, he gets an email that updates his diary automatically.

It all falls over because a) the IT techno-nazi at work won't let me sync my phone with my work pc "because we didn't buy it and nibby nampy pathetic drivel".. I stopped listening as soon as he said no. And b)this means I have to use a paper diary at work, and it doesn't go ping, so I forget things, it's the size of a house brick and doesn't fit into any pocket, and it's as portable as a blue whale.

If only the techno-freak at work would lighten up, my world and his would be soooo much easier.

Pink Granite said...

Hi Sue -
Thanks Kiddo! But keep in mind, it took us four years to get to this point!
- Lee

Hi Roo -
Damn that tech twit! You clearly have a slick and lovely system - especially that e-mail update to Peter's diary - and no one should thwart such organization!
- Lee

Roo said...

I'm with you.. I need a gun for hire