Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So Much To Do

My “To Do” list grows long and the time grows short. We’re leaving for Seattle next week. We’re headed out for Chuck’s Dad’s memorial service and interment. It feels as if as soon as we cross a couple of things off the list, three or four more pop up to be added. But, we’ll just keep chipping away at everything. What doesn’t get wrapped up and crossed off the list will surely be waiting for us when we return.

Over the weekend we did get the new kitchen storm door installed and it looks super. The old one was so tired, tinny and battered that this sleeker, heavier and quieter door feels downright luxurious. Of course, after we got it all tweaked and leveled - well, as level as any new thing can be attached to a house this old - Chuck said he wished the rest of the house was as well built as the new door! Poor house, I’m certain I felt it sigh just a bit. There really is very little which is straight or true or plumb about our old home. My Mom, who has had some balance issues in recent years, walks through our living room as if she is on the deck of ship being tossed about in stormy seas. To her it feels as if our floors were reclaimed from a funhouse!

Yes, I just sighed along with the house...


dancingmorganmouse said...

Bah, level & plumb is for the dull and unimaginative - yay for old houses and their wibbly walls :)

Pink Granite said...

Thanks DMM!
Although a few more well placed electrical outlets would be welcome!
- Lee

barbie2be said...

i used to live in a 107 year old victorian. after i got used to the ways the floors tilted it was great. it was seriously lacking on both electrical outlets and logical floor plan, but that is what gave it its charm. :)

Sue said...

Your house sounds like it has so much character. I love old homes!!

Good luck for the up-coming trip, I'm sure it won't be a happy one, but you have so many good memories to share and you will find some peace once it's all over. As with most things, the build up is never pleasant though...

Thinking of you both!
Sue xxx

Pink Granite said...

Hi B2B -
I'll take charm and character over blah and cookie cutter any old day! But I do confess to some envy when we see a well designed new home which has both charm and all the conveniences!
- Lee

Hi Sue -
You're right that the reason for the trip is sad. But because Dad lived such a long and full life, we really want to celebrate that in the service. Plus, we are looking forward to being out there with Chuck's family.

As for the anticipation, my niece e-mailed me today with good wishes for our trip. I replied that I'm no longer really afraid of the actual flying, I just find the whole process (packing "correctly", getting to the airport, going through the security screening, the long lines etc.) to be very stressful.

Happily, the JetBlue flying experience has been positive so that's a big plus!
- Lee