Thursday, March 5, 2009

A New Trend?

My favorite home decorating magazine is the British Edition of “25 Beautiful Homes”. I don’t understand how they do it, but they seem to have far fewer advertisements than any other comparable magazine. They provide many photographs of each featured home. And, perhaps best of all, they don’t focus on any one decorating style. Here in the U.S. I can find it pretty easily (yet expensively) at Barnes & Noble Bookstores. If you dream of a deliciously renovated kitchen, the sister publication “25 Beautiful Kitchens” is well, beautiful. And, once again, it’s not limited to any one style.

What prompted me to mention this is that in the February 2009 issue I noticed something. Nearly all the walls were painted in light, bright colors. There were hardly any deep toned or even mid-toned walls. Did I miss something? I know I don’t spring for every issue of “25 Beautiful Homes”, but this felt as if an interior design memo went out announcing the “new trend” and my memo was lost in the mail. Barring that less than likely explanation, I did find myself wondering if the light and bright walls are some sort of response to the worldwide recession/looming depression deeper recession.



dancingmorganmouse said...

bright colours cheer one up I find, and people sure do need some cheering.

Roo said...

Our Kitchen is bright white and cream. On a serious note, more and more people are finding it easier to redecorate than to move, so for some retailers, new carpets, paints and decor items are on the up... good for them ;o)

Wendy said...

Love interior mags! I dont own a home and mine looks like poo but I dream. I dream of owning one and decorating it. so until then I buy the mags (including the one you mention) and a tear little bits out and put them in my scrapbook ( blush)
I see creams and white are in in a big way lately , so yes perhaps its to cheer

Pink Granite said...

Hi All -
It looks as if the consensus is that these lighter, brighter colors help to cheer!
Good for the uptick for home furnishing retailers.
And good for Wendy and your scrapbook!
It's a tried and true way to plan as well as communicate with designers and contractors. Plus it helps you track your own personal trends and preferences. If you always clip out pics of gorgeous white farmers sinks, then there's no ambiguity when you get ready to purchase!
- Lee

Roo said...

The one thing I like about my job, I get all the upcoming trend magazines from the building and interiors trade... great for a gay man. And before anyone says my job is all about curtains and fabrics, I can give you spot prices on steel, tell you all about ground source heat pumps, and let you know the weight per m2 of a basic sedum roof.... some days I can be so butch I scare there ;o)

Pink Granite said...

Hi Roo -
You're such a multi-faceted renaissance man!!!
Great job perks, by the way!
- Lee