Sunday, March 15, 2009


A few years ago, after moving to Washington State, Chuck’s Dad met a woman named Ruth, who was around his age. They became good friends and even moved to the same Adult Family Home. One of the many things they had in common was their New England roots. It turned out they had lived within just a few miles of each other while growing up. One day, while we were visiting with Dad, Ruth was drinking some tea out of a white mug with a drawing of a house on it. She said: “I used to live in this house.” That house was a Colonial home in Massachusetts called the Loring- Greenough House.

Last Thursday was a beautiful late winter day. While we were out and about, we drove to Jamaica Plain in Boston. We wanted to find the Loring-Greenough House and take some photographs of it to bring out to Ruth. This afternoon I put these 11” x 8.5” layouts together for her. The panoramic views on the top one were “stitched” together in Photoshop. It took just a few steps: File > Automate > Photomerge.

Layout, photos and text by LMR/Pink Granite. Software: Apple iPhoto ’09 & Adobe Photoshop CS3 for Mac. Font: Hypatia Sans Pro.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lee,

The layout and design is excellent!

"I used to live in this house" - what a wonderful intro to, I'm sure, some fascinating memories and stories.

"Guided by the Ancestors"

barbie2be said...

that's very sweet of you!

Pink Granite said...

Hi George -
Thanks for the kind words!
That mug was a great opening for lots of stories. And it took us by surprise. We knew Ruth had lived in the area, but Loring-Greenough was a complete surprise!
- Lee

Hi B2B -
Thank you! I hope she gets a kick out of it, because we sure enjoyed the process!
- Lee