Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Chuck’s Mom passed away ten years ago today. Like my Dad, it was Alzheimer’s that took Betty. Mom was graceful and gracious, lovely and loving. She was a graduate of Radcliffe College, a tireless volunteer, a devoted wife and mom. And she loved to laugh.

Today, another yahrzeit candle is flickering. Next year, and every year after that, three yahrzeit candles will be lit within the span of about three weeks. We miss them all.


Sue said...

Shame, what a terrible time of year for you and Chuck...

Hugs, Sue xxx

dancingmorganmouse said...

Mr Brown's mum is called betty, the dreaded thing has her mind too.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed in this picture she looks like a Mancino?


Ilva said...

The list grows and grows, that's the cruel thing about getting...what was it was called now, you know that thing you twittered about yesterday or was it this morning??), well you know what I mean.

Pink Granite said...

Dear All -
The reason I mentioned the three yahrzeits in about three weeks, is that until we went to light Mom's candle, it hadn't really struck us. It's just such an odd coincidence.

Alzheimer's is a dreadful disease which robs individuals of their minds and their lives. Their families suffer through the slow diminishment of their loved ones.

Because Chuck and I have lost two parents, it's hard not to be aware of every momentary lapse in memory. But it's important for us to remember that everyone has a moment of absent mindedness and that's not Alzheimer's.

I know many of you have family connections to Alzheimer's. I'm so sorry to learn of Mr. Brown's mum Betty, Morgan. I wish all diseases could be rendered minor and treatable, none more so than Alzheimer's.

Thanks for your kind words!
- Lee

P.S. Until you mentioned it Gail, I hadn't seen the Mancino connection. But you're right. Betty could have been one of the "aunties"!

Roo said...

Without being flip, I have always had the worst possible memory - hence the need to have my pda surgically removed form me when I go on leave. I do have an Aunt that is beginning to suffer from this though, and it is becoming very hard for my Uncle to look after her. I think the most distressing thing is that the body is sound, but the mind wanders to it's own place.

On a better note though, I would love to have had a laugh with Betty, she has a wonderful smile :o)

Anonymous said...

beautiful pic..she could be a mancino:) Carrie