Sunday, March 22, 2009

One Foot, Followed By The Other

Hi All -

Tomorrow is the Memorial/Celebration of Dad's life. We've been going through old photographs and reminiscing as we create a photo collage. We've also put together memorial cards and Chuck is finishing the eulogy.

Monday is the service at the cemetery followed by the witnessed interment. I'm sitting at Chuck's sister's computer desk, printing off the readings for that ceremony, as I type this post.

You're collective ears should have been burning last night as Chuck and I tried to explain how people we've never met in person are really, truly part of our community of friends. Ah, the non-blogging folk are sometimes a wee bit like Muggles!

Thank you again for everything...
- Lee


dancingmorganmouse said...

So that's why the ears were hot, and here I was thinking I shouldn't have had that last glass of wine.
All the best for tomorrow.

Lailaa said...

All the best for tomorrow to you, Chuck and your family... Hugs, xx
(P.S. Have been out of BloggerWorld (updating PP but not having time to read my fav blogs) these past few weeks... life! Looking fwd to catching up on other posts).

Sue said...

HAHAHA - Muggles indeed!! I quite like that thought!

Hope that everything went OK yesterday, I'm sure that it was a very emotional day for you all. It's done now though and I'm sure you're all feeling a bit relieved that it's over.

Thinking of you all,
Sue x

purpleronnie said...

I hope that everything went ok with the service. How much I have missed in my absence .....

I am thinking of you guys now and wish you lots of peace during this time.

All my love, even though I am a stranger at times

ps love the Muggles analogy - so true - and remember that you guys mean just as much to all of us


Wendy said...

oh Lee as I read that muggles thing it all fell into place for me . that is EXACTLY as it is. hehe
I have just read you moving post about the memorial. It sounded as if it was perfect the right balance of sentimentality , ceremony and of course laughter and reminicing. That is after all what we would all want when we have passed to be remembered with love ,affection and laughter
love Wendy