Monday, March 30, 2009

Drawing To A Close

Hi All -

Tomorrow is our last day here in Greater Seattle, Washington. It has been a wonderful trip as well as an emotional one. A few weeks ago, I referred to the "business of death" - not the commerce of the funeral industry, but all the paperwork and details which need to be attended to after a loved one dies. There has been so much to do and now it feels as if time is slipping away from us. But we believe that before we fly out tomorrow night, we will have done all we can practically do out here. Thank heavens for land lines, cell phones, e-mails, fax machines and all the other modern technology which makes long distance communication so effortless. I fear I would not have fared well in an era without at least a telephone system. Thank you Mr. Bell!

Chuck and I have both so appreciated your comments of support and good cheer. I've missed visiting the blogs, but the other day, George ( reminded me to try to be patient. He wrote: "Take your time, the internet and its netizens aren't going anywhere soon!" Netizens - what a great word!

In a break with tradition, while we haven't used the camera much, Chuck has taken nearly all the photographs on the trip. Hopefully, by the end of the week, I'll be able to locate and upload a couple of pics of a Great Blue Heron Chuck had the presence of mind to snap.

More soon...
- Lee


dancingmorganmouse said...

We miss you too, but will wait, just like George said :)

Lailaa said...

Glad to hear you had a good trip albeit an emotional one as well. Take care traveling back... Hugs, xx
(P.S. "Netizens" - Brilliant!)

Papamoka said...

Have a safe trip home Lee. It was a rough trip but I'm sure you were the rock for Chuck.

Sue said...

I'm sure by now you're safely back home and I hope you managed to get all the last minute 'odds and sods' sorted out. Can't wait to have you back, I have really missed your blogs and comments and it'll be good to know you're home!

Sue x

PS. Chuck, looking forward to seeing the latest photos, I really love seeing new places!!