Monday, June 30, 2008

Dave And Marc Rock!


Did you hear that?
That’s the sound of running water my friends and it is a wonderful sound indeed! The sensation of hot and cold running water from start to finish in the shower is particularly awesome! And don’t even get me started on the wonder and the glory that is the indoor plumbed flush toilet!

Happy sigh of contentment...

Dave and Marc from County Pump arrived first thing this morning with a truck filled to the brim with every possible pump related item, that could ever possibly go on the fritz. County Pump is the same company that came to our rescue during a much bigger water crisis back in 2000. Turns out, this time an electrical gizmo on our well pump was fried by lightning! Coincidentally, lightning is believed to be the cause of the nearby house fire. Dave and Mark dispensed vast quantities of knowledge as they installed a new electrical gizmo-switch-thingy. Obviously, I did not absorb all of the details of the knowledge they were dispensing, but in my defense, I was busy. My starring role was running up to the bathroom to turn on the cold water in the shower. I did this on cue and shut it off on cue - albeit the shutting off somewhat reluctantly. When all was said and done, a check was happily written, which did leave money in the account - Yay!

Life is good.
Life with running water is very, very good!


Anonymous said...

ahhh, the simplw things in life, ya gotta love it!!!


Anonymous said...

like spelling simple!!!


Lailaa said...

Glad you have your water back! Hugs, xx

barbie2be said...

coincidentally, lightining is also the cause of most of the damn fires we have here in california. :( and the reason i am wearing a surgical mask and looking like a dork.

Pink Granite said...

Hi All -
It really does get down to brass tacks pretty darn quickly when one is without running water!

We are sooo very happy to be back to normal!

But I would not trade being without water, for floods in the midwest or fires in California. As Chuck's Grandma Minnie used to say: "I'll take my own laundry back in off the line!"
Thanks for the good wishes!
- Lee