Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Chuck and I were both fortunate to have great Dads. My Dad passed away an impossibly long twenty years ago. Chuck’s Dad is 93 and lives in Washington State where we visited him this spring. The saying goes that any guy can be a father, but it takes a special man to be a dad. So here’s to all the dads, grandfathers and great-grandfathers. And here’s to all the godfathers, big brothers, uncles and good men who serve as father figures. Happy Father’s Day to you all!

The layout above, is the card we sent to Chuck’s Dad for Father's Day this year. I wanted it to be very simple, clean and crisp graphically, in order to allow Dad to enjoy it more easily. The snapshot is one of the earliest we have of the brand new family of three back in 1943. I started out with the scanned copy to the right and tweaked, “healed” and cropped it. The photo was taken in the midst of World War II, when Dad was serving in the Army. I love how Mom and Dad have Chuck (CeeGee as they called him) protected in their mutual embrace. I love the look of happiness, wonder and confidence that shines out through the grainy image. The world was in crisis and chaos. But after much thought and soul searching, Betty and Milton decided to try to create a family, even in a world that could allow a Hitler to come to power.

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Roo said...

Dear God in Heaven Lee - your description of those ribs has actually got me salivating so much that I have had to throw a batch of potatoes in the oven, just so I know something is cooking! I have no idea what we will have with them, but heck I could do with some ribs! Something we lack over here is this sort of cooking. I truly believe the best ribs I have ever tasted where in Womacks's in Lake Tahoe, but of course we had to go to the US to get them!

I can't wait for our next excuse to visit the US!

Apologies too for not checking in for a few weeks (this will be long)so I missed the Christmas plant, which looks stunning, so it goes to show what lavish care and attention can do....NOT ;o)

I understand what you are saying about the heat, all we need is some of the DAMN STUFF... it is far far far too cool here! Although we have got some of the bees, and I have a picture that I need to post too.

I missed Morgan's 1000th post too - I know, I really should keep up. Which leads me onto the "look" that you got from your cat. It's the same we got from my mum, and still occasionally do (I refer you back to my note about not feeling grown up) She can still silence one of us at 10 paces with that "look".

Have you got your tech problem sorted? I make the mistake of looking at a picture I am tweaking, then realise it looks different when I tilt the laptop screen, so I link it too a flat screen now and get better results for not being daft ;o)

Right, hopefully I'll keep a tad more up to date - love to you and Chuck (small green envy looks for having ribs to hand too) ;o) x

And PS - love the Fathers day card!

Lailaa said...

I love vintage photographs. Happy Father's day to Chuck's dad (93! what a Blessed Age!). The
card is a beautiful. Hugs, xx

Pink Granite said...

Hi Roo -
- Sorry! I guess i need to put up "bib alerts" when I write about our positive dining experiences! When Chuck read the "Got Ribs?" post, he had the same reaction! I looked up Womack's and it does get rave reviews.
- I won't lie and say I don't miss your comments, but boy howdy Kiddo, you certainly know how to make up for lost time!
- Amaryllis/Hippeastrum = chuckling now ;o)
- There is clearly a universal/international desire for better weather all around than what any of us currently has.
- I hope your Mum won't be offended by having her ever so powerful "look" compared to that of a cat!
- Part of the tech problem is O.K. But I confess I haven't done too much in Photoshop since the weirdness on Monday. Time to suck it up and dive back in. The flat screen idea sounds like a very elegant solution though.
- Happy you liked the card!
- Love to you and Peter!
- Lee

Hi Lailaa -
Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the card.
We're so lucky to have had photography available for so many generations now. But I would love to be able to magically go back even further to see even more ancestors faces.
When Chuck spoke with his Dad this afternoon, he sounded good and strong - and he liked the card. Yay!
- Lee