Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This Evening...

This evening, we sat in the the old green on green lawn chairs, on our front porch. The terry slipcovers felt good as the sun began to set and the dampness rolled in. The tall, thick glasses which held two Virgin Marys kept creating a steady flow of condensation, puddling it all on the table. Whenever we are going to be out there for a spell, we leave the front door open to the porch so the cats, Abby and Cassie, can come and go as they please. Cassie always darts out as soon as she hears the storm door open. Abby races up to the threshold, pauses, looks around carefully, then saunters out. They each explore and sniff every inch of the screened in space. For some reason, they often go to separate corners and then, as if on cue, trade places. Occasionally, one or both freezes in what approaches the feline version of a pointer’s stance. At that moment we know to look across the lawn for something like a chipmunk, a squirrel or, near dusk, bunny rabbits.

On several blogs I visited today, the topic of gratitude came up.
For all of the above, I am grateful.


Wendy said...

Yes I have been wanting to chime in for a while but now I am officially a reader and commenter on your blog. I am Wendy , ronnies friend and nana fi s daughter. I love your calm and collected way of describing things . you are such a kind person.
Its the small things in life that we should be most grateful for I feel. sometimes when I watch my daughter doing something cute or funny or just plain naughty I feel so grateful she is here and wish I could freeze that moment in time

Pink Granite said...

Hi Wendy -
Thanks so much for being a regular reader and now an official commenter!

I really appreciate your generous compliments.
I enjoy writing and taking photos for this blog. But it is the wonderful community I have found through Pink Granite that keeps me going and buoys my spirits daily!

I have to agree that being grateful for the small things, the little moments is so important. It really can help shift how we feel about the bigger, tougher things.

If I've got the genealogy right, your daughter's name is Lily and she is a beautiful child! And your Mom, Fiona, is beside herself with excitement about your impending arrival! That's a lot to be grateful for!
Thanks again!
- Lee