Monday, June 23, 2008

Three On The Screen

I have a theory. Actually, I have many theories about many things, but today I’m referring specifically to a televised baseball theory. It is as follows:

If a batter hits a ball and three opposing players all converge and are visible on the television screen simultaneously, the odds are good that the ball will drop to the earth - uncaught.

Infield, outfield it doesn’t matter. Three on the screen is not good. Unless of course it’s three players from a team other than the Boston Red Sox. Then it’s still true, but very good! Keep an eye on the next televised baseball game you watch. Soon you’ll be sounding like me: “Three on the screen!” Which, depending on who’s in the field and who’s at the plate, will be followed by “Yes!” or “Noooooo!”

Yup. Some days it’s a whole lot of fun around here!

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