Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Good Luck Del & Phyllis!

Del and Phyllis have been a couple for 55 years. They were married this week. They actually were married once before, in San Francisco, in 2004. But the California Supreme Court stepped in to say it wasn’t a legal marriage because Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon are a lesbian couple. However, the California Supreme Court recently ruled that same sex couples do have the constitutional right to marry. So longtime partners and activists Del, age 87 and Phyllis, age 83 were married once again on Monday evening, by San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. They were among many same sex couples married in California this week, with many more planning weddings over the summer.

This November, a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage in California will be on the November ballot. I hope Del and Phyllis will not have to endure another reversal of their marital status.


Nana Fi said...

What a sad society we live in that does not allow people who love one another to be joined together in hold matrimony. They have had many happy years together the only obvious unhappiness is when they try to have a piece of paper telling everyone about it!!! Strange hey?

Pink Granite said...

Hi Fiona -
I seems that providing folks with the legal option of a civil marriage strengthens rather than weakens the entire institution of marriage.

Chuck and I lived together before we were married. On our wedding day, we thought we were the happiest we could be. A few months later we realized that our love was continuing to grow, the relationship was strengthening and the sense of security of the legal marriage was a tangible comfort to us both.
No one should be denied that!
- Lee

Roo said...

Hey hey - ok so I'm going to post something on my blog, and link back to this if I can.

Love to all x

Pink Granite said...

Hey Roo -
Link away!
- Lee