Saturday, March 1, 2008

Spring Training - At Last

We watched our first Red Sox spring training baseball game last night.

Pause for blessed sigh of relief...

It was the usual whirlwind of returning favorite players, peppered with a dizzying array of guys who are working hard to make the team or at least get noticed. Jerry Remy accurately refers to it as the “fog of spring training”. It was nice to listen to Jerry and Don Orsillo banter back and forth as they did their spring training approximation of color commentary and play by play. There was even something reassuring about the way they occasionally snipe at each other.

I was disappointed to hear that Tina Cervasio will no longer be with NESN. NESN had managed to assemble a great team of gals to cover New England sports - in particular, Tina and Hazel Mae. I hope they bring another woman reporter on board to fill the gap left by Tina.

And I have to say it was wonderful to see Johnny Pesky in the Red Sox dugout, right where he belongs! (See my Red Sox Notes from March 31, 2007 for my full rant on this topic!)

BTW, the Sox beat the Minnesota Twins 8 - 3 Friday night and this afternoon 7 - 6!

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