Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Red Sox Rock Via Collective Action

The baseball players of the Boston Red Sox worked as a team to right a wrong. The team was scheduled to fly overseas today for both exhibition games and the official opening day game in Japan. Then the players got word that significant stipends promised to coaches and other support staff, including Manager Terry Francona were not going to paid out by Major League Baseball. The players stipends or bonuses were secure under their contract, not so the other important staff members. So after a great deal of behind the scenes action, the players voted unanimously not to play the scheduled game today against the Toronto Blue Jays. They also voted unanimously not to go to Japan until the wrong was righted.

Little more than an hour after this afternoon’s game had been scheduled to start, a satisfactory agreement was reached and the players went on to play ball and later head to Japan. Collective action was taken by a group of guys who already had their piece of the pie sewn up, but felt an injustice needed to be reversed for vital members of their larger Red Sox team. Bravo!

You can read more details here and here.


Roo said...

Good on them, if only more people would think less of themselves, wouldn't the world be a better place!

Pink Granite said...

- Lee