Friday, March 21, 2008

Diagon Alley Here I Come

I’ve been a bit busy and a bit overwhelmed lately. (Question: Is it possible to be “a bit overwhelmed”? Doesn’t overwhelmed mean you’re totally sunk or in over your head or something of equal magnitude which makes modifying it with “a bit” oxymoronic?)

Let me start over. We have to fly across the country next week. It’s a family visit which is good, but it also includes the declining health of another elderly relative, which is tough. I am no longer a good flyer. Not only am I no longer a good flyer, but flying and the airlines are no longer fun. Once upon a time I flew quite often. I was a great deal younger and the service on the airlines was much, much better. Therefore it was a consistently more enjoyable experience. Now we fly infrequently, the service is much, much worse and the freakin’ rules keep changing!

We’ve done our best to book the most convenient flights on an airline we’ve never flown on before, but hear good things about. We’ve been reading the TSA’s and the airline’s rules and regulations trying to figure out what’s what. We’ve also booked the hotel and almost locked in on the rental car. If we could just wave a magic wand and simply be there, I would be a much happier individual right now - so would Chuck.

But my magic wand is in the shop right now. If it wasn’t in the shop, in addition to eliminating the to and fro parts of travel, I would wave my magic wand toward several things in the political realm, put a fresh coat of paint on the house, do what I could to assist the Red Sox and, most importantly, make all of our relatives healthy, well, strong and happy.

I so need a magic wand...


purpleronnie said...

OH if only... I would go nuts with that wand..

I'll meet you in the Alley!

Roo said...

I like the idea of being a "bit overwhelmed", what would the opposite be?

Be good with the flying and try to relax as much as possible - I always fall asleep as soon as I am sat in my chair.. then gin does help ;o)

Hope the relatives are well and improve, have an ester egg and think chocolatey thoughts ;o)It has to be good for you

dancingmorganmouse said...

I think overwhelmed can be incremental, a bit overwhelmed, overwhelmed, totally overwhelmed, it’s not like you’re qualifying unique! And we all need magic wands from time to time, I want to wave one at the house and have all the dust and clutter just disappear.
I hope the ERs are ok - a visit is sure to perk.

Pink Granite said...

Hey All -
Bless your collective hearts...

Hi Ronnie -
We'll synchronize our watches and then go on a spree, such that we will always have lots and lots of wands in reserve!

Hi Roo -
Ummm --- underwhelmed?
Gin eh? The first time my Mom flew, my Dad got her a glass of champagne. She drank the champagne on the runway, gripped my Dad's hand with her left and her rosary beads with her right. Sure enough, they landed safely in Bermuda!

Hi DMM -
I appreciate the grammar consultation!
I would definitely use my wand for that whole cleaning routine too.
You mentioned "qualifying unique". One of my pet peeves is "quality" without any modifier!
"ERs" - I LOVE it! That's definitely a keeper!