Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Update From The Great Northwest

- Here, in greater Seattle, Washington, spring has officially sprung. Everything is green, lush and in bud or full bloom. It is night and day from back home in central Massachusetts. But after a long, heavy winter, that is a very good if somewhat startling thing! I’ll get the camera out in the coming days and upload some photos.

- The ER (Elderly Relative) in this neck of the woods is Chuck’s Dad, who is 93 years old. I’m happy to report that Dad’s overall condition is not as bad as we had prepared ourselves for. And his new living arrangements exceeded the high expectations we had. Both facts give us a sense of relief. In addition to Chuck’s Dad, we are also visiting with Chuck’s sister and her family. It is always a treat to be able catch up with them in person.

- We flew out on jetBlue. I have to say that, based on just one non-stop flight from Boston to Seattle, jetBlue seems to have found the perfect balance between economy and luxury. Every single employee, on the phone or in person, was cheerful, relaxed, professional and friendly. The seats were comfortable and had honest to goodness leg room. I was anxious at the gate and during take off, but managed it without drinking any beverages for their medicinal value or utilizing any prescription medications!

- I began writing this post earlier today. It is now approaching midnight here, but my body is still running on east coast time and is convinced it is nearly 3:00 a.m. Who am I to argue?

: : More later...


Sue said...

Finally finding time to catch up on all my blog-reading! So glad to hear that you've arrived safely!! I know how you feel - I love going on holiday, but the flights always send me into a bit of a panic just before I leave. Hope you and Chuck have a super time and great to hear that the 'ER' there's doing OK.

Looking forward to the photos...

Sue xxx

purpleronnie said...

I'm glad to hear that on all fronts things are going better than expected! Enjoy the time with family!!