Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Still Winter

It snowed today. After some sleet snow mix early on, we were treated to big, luscious flakes. They swirled during squalls. They danced during flurries; seeming to bounce up on the wind from the ground, to peek in the second floor windows. Then the sun came out and what little had been able to accumulate melted, making us think it had all been a mirage. But a few hours later the sky grayed over and the snow began again.

Chuck’s new snowshoe bindings arrived and he has swapped old technology for new. But we don’t know if he will break them in this winter or next. Before spring creeps up on me completely, I wanted to share a few more winter scenes with you.


Sue said...

Your winter wonderland is just too beautiful!! Hope Chuck gets to try out his new snow shoes, so you can bring us some more photos!!


Pink Granite said...

Hi Sue -
Thanks! Your summer photos warm our days!
We've still got our fingers crossed for some more snow this weekend...
- Lee